With the iOS 14 update, you can now freely customize your iPhone home screen.

Nowadays, it is fashionable to customize iPhones all over the world.

Even in Japan, famous people, including those who like simple things, are posting on their SNS.

"AZ-icon" is recommended for iPhone customization!

Customizing the home screen you see every day, if it 's a pain, you 'd like to arrange "simple and uniform icons" to make it stylish and easy to use .

If you want to make your iPhone fashionable, we recommend "AZ-icon" , which has already been used by more than 5,000 people and is also used by famous people!

Take a look at the AZ-icon icon

The AZ-iCon icons come in many stylish colors , so you're sure to find a color you like.

In addition, if you use the widget app, you can display the clock, calendar, schedule, etc., making it very easy to use.

When you actually set it with AZ-icon, it looks like this

If you set it in the same way on your iPhone, it's OK!

It's so easy to be stylish!

Why is the AZ-icon icon good?

To be honest, you can get iPhone customization icons for free.

Disadvantages of free icons

  • hard to download
  • Poor icon quality
  • Few icons are popular in Japan
  • If you don't know how to set it up, don't tell me
  • I can't get the icon I want because new icons aren't added

There is such a shameful feature ...

But AZ-iCon will solve all of them!

  • high quality
  • Many popular apps in Japan
  • Constantly updated with new icons
  • Once purchased, additional icons are free forever
  • We also accept icon requests, so you can get the icon you want
  • Even when you stumble with settings, you can receive solid support

There are many benefits unique to AZ-icon!

Take a look at the AZ-icon icon

We have received many compliments from our customers!

The AZ-icon icon has received compliments from many people!

It is also used by famous people.

Using AZ-iCon icons makes the iPhone you use every day simpler, more stylish, and easier to use!

AZ-icon is also holding a special campaign "just now"!

Post your home screen on Instagram and get an Amazon gift card!

We will present an Amazon gift card worth 500 yen to " 100 people" by lottery! ♪

【way to participate】

① Attach the hashtag “#asicon”

③ Tag AZ-iCon official Instagram ( @az_icon14 )

3. Just post a screenshot of your customized home screen!

【Application period】

Submissions until August 31, 2021 are eligible for the lottery!

Posting to Instagram will end in 1 minute, so please join us ♪

Take a look at the AZ-icon icon