Please check the frequently asked questions first.

Q.I didn't get what I wanted, so I would like a refund.

We are sorry, but even if you contact us, we cannot refund you because it is a digital content. (Even if you inquire about the above, we do not respond.) Please be forewarned.

Q. I don't see the app icon I wanted

For a list of included apps, see Supported apps .

Q. Notification badge disappeared

Thank you for using AZ-icon.
Due to the specifications of the iPhone icon, the notification badge is not displayed.
We apologize for the inconvenience, but thank you for your understanding.

Q. How do I configure the widget?

Thank you for using AZ-icon.

Please refer to this video as it explains how to set up the widget. How to set up the widget is explained from 4 minutes 43 seconds.

Q.Can't download?

Thank you for purchasing AZ-icon.
Please check your email address as it has been sent to your registered email address.

Q.Please tell me the color code.

Due to the fact that ICONs are added from time to time, we cannot answer all questions.

Please check it by yourself. You can check it from the following sites, but it is out of support.

Q.Can I use carrier billing?

Thank you for your purchase.
very sorry. Carrier billing is not supported.

Q.If I change the model, will it become unusable?

Thank you for using AZ-icon.
Even if you change the model, you can use it by downloading it from the email at the time of purchase.
If you lose the email, please contact us at this email address after changing the model.

Still not resolved

Please contact us from the official line.

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