4 reasons why AZ-icon is chosen

Why choose AZ-icon

Reason 01

Number of icons is No. 1 in Japan

AZ-icon emphasizes the abundance of icons. Currently, there are more than 500 icons, and the largest number of icons in Japan.

Reason 02

free updates

The beauty of customizing your home screen is that you can't have the icons you use.

rest assured!

At AZ-icon, we are serious about updating our icons.

Since updates are made once a month, the number of icons will continue to increase.

Of course, you can receive updated icons for free.

Reason 03

quality icons

(1) The icon is created by calculation so that it will be a reasonable size when installed on the home screen.

(2) I try to express even the smallest details of complex logos.

(3) Because it is a paid icon, it achieves a quality not found in free icons.

Reason 04

Enhanced LINE support

You can ask anything you don't understand on the official LINE.

Some people ask how to set it up, some ask how to set up a widget!

We will support you thoroughly until you can customize your home screen!