5 free image sites that can be used for iPhone wallpaper

Here are 5 free wallpaper sites that you can use to customize your home screen. After reading this article, you will be able to easily find a stylish wallpaper.

"I'm looking for a standby image for the home screen, but I can't find a good one."

"Even if I found a good one, it was expensive with a fee."

"I want a stylish wallpaper for customizing my iPhone home screen."

Is there anyone who thinks like this?

It's true that high-quality images that come out of searches on the Internet are paid, and there are times when you can't find a stylish wallpaper image that you like in the first place.

But it's okay!

I will introduce you to the free image sites that I usually use, so after reading this article, you will have less trouble finding stylish wallpapers.

Read this article and you will be able to solve the problem!

[Benefits of reading this article]

  • You can know the site where you can get wallpaper for free.
  • You can know the site where you can get stylish wallpaper.
  • The choice of wallpaper sites has increased, and the range of customization of your home screen has expanded.

5 free image sites that can be used for iPhone wallpaper

Now, let me introduce a free image site that I often use!


The first is Unsplash .

Unsplash is an overseas free image site.

One of the features of this site is the high quality of the images of natural landscapes and stylish cityscapes. There are also plenty of simple wallpapers that are easy to use as backgrounds.

Most of the wallpaper images I use to customize my home screen are downloaded from Unsplash!


There is a little caveat, when searching for images, you need to enter in "English". It's an overseas site, so even if you search in Japanese, you won't get any hits.


You may think "English is difficult, impossible!", but it's easy because you can search by entering the name of the color, such as "white" or "black"! In case of emergency, Google Translate is OK!


The second is pixabay .

pixabay is another international free image site.

This is also characterized by the fact that there are many images of natural scenery and cityscapes.

When I can't find an image I like on Unsplash, I use pixabay.

Photo AC

The third is Photo AC .

Photo AC is a Japanese service. Some photos can be downloaded for free, and some cannot be downloaded without becoming a paid member.

Photo AC is a Japanese service, so I use it when I want to find images unique to Japan.

For example, the quality of images of cherry blossoms on Japanese sites is higher than that of overseas sites, and the number of such images is often higher.

Therefore, if you want to find wallpaper images related to Japan, "Shashin AC" is recommended.

Illustrated AC

Introducing Illustrated AC

The fourth is illustration AC .

"Illustration AC" is a service of the same group as "Photo AC".

As the service name suggests, this is a free site that mainly focuses on illustrations.

There are quite a lot of illustration images that are suitable for iPhone wallpaper!

Some "Illustration AC" can be downloaded for free, and some can only be downloaded by becoming a paid member.


Introducing Pinterest

Finally, we have Pinterest .

When I searched for wallpaper, so many images were made.

At a glance, you can see illustration images of anime such as Kirby of the Stars and Zenitsu.

There are many images on Pinterest like this.


However, there is a caveat.

Most of these images on Pinterest are not copyright free.

Like Twitter or Instagram, it's just someone else posting an image.

So when using Pinterest images, please do so for your own personal enjoyment!


This time, we introduced [5 free image sites that can be used for iPhone wallpaper].

I hope you find some nice wallpapers!

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Thank you for reading until the end!


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